razorback steel canopy new mazda bt-50 dual cab

New Mazda BT-50 Canopies Available Now!

new MAZDA BT-50 razorback steel canopy

We have canopies available to order for the New 2020+ Mazda BT-50. Our Razorback Steel Canopy is the only canopy on the market made from the same material as your ute, a zincalume alloy.

Canopies are a great accessory to any ute. They not only protect the inside of your ute, but they also add an elegant style that your friends will be envious of. Not to mention, it will make your day-to-day life a lot more convenient. Designed to enhance the already impressive Mazda BT-50, the Razorback Steel Canopy is designed to fit the new 2021 Mazda BT-50 Dual Cab ute and comes standard with integrated central locking and interior lining. It is manufactured from zinalume alloy, just like your ute is.

If you’re looking for a ute canopy, the team at Razorback Canopies are always on hand to help!

Central Locking

Central Locking on the rear door is standard with the Razorback Steel Canopy. We integrate it with your vehicle’s central locking system

razorback smm steel canopy central locking

Fully Framed Rear Door

Gives more strength and security to the canopy. It is featured with double stage automotive locks, just like your car is!

SMM Canopy lift up windows

Roof Rack Options

Roof Rack options available. We use Rhino Rack’s range of products and accessories with our canopies. Talk to us about roof racks today.

SMM Canopy roof rack track system

How do I order one?

Contact us today for pricing and information.

We can arrange fitment of the canopy in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Otherwise, we can ship the canopy directly to you. Contact us for a quote today.