Maxliner Ute Liners

Maxliner 5-piece under rail ute liner

Protect your tub with this easy to install, non-slip ute liner from maxliner. At Razorback Canopies we can supply and install a ute liner for you. A popular option is the Maxliner 5- piece under rail ute liner because of its quality finish, ease of installation and non-slip surface. Unlike Maxliner, traditional ute liners are finished with a hard, slippery surface. Stop your gear sliding around your tub with the Maxliner 5-piece liner from Razorback Canopies. 

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about the maxliner 5-piece liner

The MaxLiner KD (Knocked Down) 5 piece under rail tub liner is the latest evolutionary step in tub liner innovation. For this variant the floor has a non-skid floor surface which reduces your cargo sliding around your tub while driving. Furthermore, the five-piece design allows a closer fit to your ute tub, maximising the space. Other plastic one piece liners have large air gaps between the liner and the tub, especially around the wheel arches, front and sides.

The Maxliner 5-Piece Liner packs into a single box, so it can be shipped to you much more efficiently than traditional bed liners. These liners are also very easy to install, so you’re tub will be protected in no time!


features that stick

Lifetime Warranty

Maxliner offers a lifetime warranty on  this product

No Slip Surface

Stop your gear sliding around your tub

Quality Finish

A lightweight ute liner made from durable polyethylene which can easily be assembled with interlocking pieces

there's one to suit your ute


$440 – Maxliner 5-piece ute liner

Optional extras
$110 – Standard installation at our Riverstone warehouse

Sydney (metro): $70
Melbourne (metro): $60
Brisbane (metro): $70

If you would like a freight cost to your location, please contact us for a shipping cost and availability.

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