can i fit a roof top tent to the canopy?

Yes! The Razorback Steel Canopy is rated to carry 100kg on road, and 65kg off road on the roof. Roof tracks are able to be installed as an option to the Razorback Steel Canopy. Then all you need is a set of Rhino Rack legs and cross bars and you’re ready to fit a Roof Top Tent. 

Check out our roof rack options page for more information.

how easy is it to install roof racks to the canopy?

We recommend that Razorback Canopies installs the roof rack tracks where possible. You can have the tracks fitted as an option and then purchase the legs and cross bars at a later date if that suits you. We recommend and use Rhino Rack products and accessories. We offer 10% off any Rhino Rack products when being installed with your Razorback Canopy.

Can I remove the canopy?

Absolutely you can! The canopy is fitted using clamps which are very easy to remove and refit if you ever need to. You’ll just need to grab a couple of your mates to safely lift it off your vehicle.

how much does the razorback steel canopy weigh?

The Razorback Steel  Canopy weighs in at around 80kg (dual cab). This can vary slightly depending on the vehicle model. The lightweight, zincalume alloy construction of the canopy has allowed us to keep the overall weight down as much as possible, whilst still providing superior strength and durability.

Is there any ongoing maintenance required?

You look after your Razorback Steel Canopy much the same as you would your vehicle. It can be washed and polished in the same manner you take care of your car. We provide some maintenance tips when you purchase a canopy from us.

These include:

– Ensure mounting bolts always remain tight

– Check regularly the screws holding the windows and doors are tight

– Lubricate lock and keys recess on the rear door

– Abrasive components are not recommended for polishing surfaces or painted products. Use only wash polish if required

– Clean door rubbers on canopy tailgate assembly and lightly coat with silicon spray

– Locking system should be lubricated regularly and lock covers used for weather protection

How Long Does It Take To Install A Razorback Canopy And Can I Fit It Myself?

We can install the canopy for you at our Riverstone NSW warehouse. We also have installation services available in Brisbane & Melbourne. If you would like us to ship the canopy directly to you and install it yourself, it will take you around half a day to fit. You’ll need a mate to help you lift it on to your tub and be able to join some wires (for your central locking, rear demister and brake light). We provide fitting instructions and you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

can i get spare parts if required?

Yes, we carry a full range of spare parts if you require any in the future. If you are in need of any spare parts, or additional accessories for your canopy, please contact us so we can give you a price or let you know if they’re covered by warranty.

can i install the canopy myself?

If you have a mate that can help you lift it on and are capable of joining some wires, then yes, you can install the canopy yourself. We provide complete fitting instructions or we’re just a phone call away if you need any help. Alternatively, we can install the canopy in our Riverstone NSW warehouse. Installation services are also available in Melbourne and Brisbane.

what is the interior lined with?

We line the interior with a heavy duty vinyl. This is very easy to clean and it doesn’t hold dust like carpet does. If the unlikely event you damage the vinyl, it is easy and inexpensive to repair.

does The central locking works with my vehicles central locking system?

Yes it does! We wire the canopy into your vehicle’s existing central locking system so when you open or lock your ute, the canopy rear door does the same.