SMM Canopies

The Manufacturer's Story

The company behind the SMM brand is Sammitr Motors Manufacturing, a Thai company. Thailand is known for it’s quality manufacturing of motor vehicle’s and is home to facilities of some of the biggest automotive brands in the world.


Established in Thailand in 1967, Sammitr Motors Manufacturing Public Company Limited is the only dedicated Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of quality steel canopies in the world. Sammitr has established the SMM brand itself as a leading name for tipper truck bodies, trailers, semi-trailers, specially designed trucks, steel canopies, and accessories for pick-up trucks. SMM also have a range of axles, hydraulics and compentry.

Their continued commitment to quality assurance, not only in production technology improvement and R & D investment but also in the recruitment and training of our people, ensures they provide the best possible solutions to their customers.

SMM believes that their extensive experience in working with global car and truck manufacturers, their quality assurance processes, production technologies, together with a dedicated supply chain and competent and experienced personnel, has given Sammitr the edge in product quality and lower production costs.

Pressed Steel

The Razorback Steel Canopy is built by SMM using the same automotive engineering and tooling that is used in your ute.

Manufacturing Giant

SMM presses panels for some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. The steel canopy is built on a robotic production line for precision quailty.

Quality Control

Each and every canopy is water tested before being packaged and sent to Razorback Canopies.

Tooling and engineering that leaves the rest behind

Millions of dollars are put into the development, engineering and tooling of the steel canopy. It's easy to see why SMM are in a league of their own.