New Fitting – PX Ford Ranger Canopy

The Ford Ranger has become known as one of the most capable 4wd’s on the market today. As stylish as it is practical, the PX Ranger has proven the test of time to be an all round work ‘n’ play vehicle. And we have a Razorback Canopy to match.

It just looks better

Yeah, we agree. After years of developing and designing canopies for the Australian market, Razorback Canopies is known for it’s quality and practicality. We have incorporated an over-rail design which fits neatly over the tub of the PX Ranger ute. The canopy contours to the vehicle making it look like the canopy is part of the vehicle.

Features that matter

The Razorback Canopy for the current model Ford Ranger is feature packed with extras that other canopies just don’t come close to. Our large side access windows are perfect for maximising the side access for your vehicle. Our customer went for the lift up windows as they needed to fit milk crates into the back and lifting them through the side was a great option. 
If you carry animals in the back, such as a dog, we can fit a sliding window on one or both sides. We also have a window mesh option for added security.

Central Locking = Peace Of Mind

For this fitment, our Ranger PX customer had Central Locking fitted to the rear door of the canopy. We do this for no extra cost! This means that when they lock their vehicle, the rear door of the canopy also locks. This is a great feature for those of you looking for peace of mind and security.

Final Result

This Ranger owner has a pretty neat looking 4wd, and now a great looking canopy to match from Razorback. Backed up by our 3 year shell warranty, and 2 year parts warranty, our customer can rest assured that his new canopy will be a great addition to his vehicle.


Ford Ranger PX Dual Cab (Canopy fits 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 models)
Products Fitted: 
– Razorback Canopy with lift up windows, central locking, interior lining, LED interior light, roof rack track system.
– Rhino Rack roof racks fitted to vehicle.